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Associated Students of CR

Associated Students of CR

Chosen by students to represent students.



The Associated Students of College of the Redwoods (ASCR) is the student government for CR; currently serving student senators represent all CR students to the college administration as well as the California Community Colleges Chancellor's office.  Please feel free to contact any of your student representatives (as listed on this webp年龄) with any student related concerns, 在任何时候.  If you're interested in learning more, please contact the ASCR faculty advisor, Todd Olsen:

Senate members will hold public meetings that may be available for in-person attendance as well as by teleconference.  Agendas will be posted in advance 和 Zoom log in information will be provided on this site in advance of meetings.


The ASCR office will be closed for the Winter break.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Location - LRC 104

办公时间: TBA



Associated Students of College of the Redwoods (ASCR) Senate will hold regular meetings the 2nd 和 4th Monday of the month, at 4:15pm in Eureka, California at the Bruce Emad Boardroom with Teleconferencing from Klamath Trinity Instructional Site, 果园街65号. Hoopa, CA 95546.


To access the full meeting 年龄nda please go to BoardDocs
(To access the ASCR 年龄nda, click on Board of Trustees in the top right 和 then select ASCR from the drop-down menu)

ASCR参议院 Meeting Zoom Link


Interested in Becoming an ASCR Senator?

Benefits Include:



Influence Over Activities


Openings are currently available for Academy of the Redwoods & Campus Senators! 电子邮件 for more information!



(Roster last updated: 10/20/2023)
总统 Executive VIce 总统 Vice 总统 of Finance Vice 总统 of Communications Vice 总统 of Records
Katherine Zeigler 阿比盖尔杜兰 丹尼·吉梅内斯 Melinda Wallace-Ochoa Gabriel Brooks
Student Trustee Executive Organizational Senator Eureka Campus Senator Eureka Campus Senator Eureka Campus Senator
女巫戈弗雷 Caitlin Wheetley Stephanie Byrd Ja Niece Lowery Christopher Wilson
Eureka Campus Senator Academy of the Redwoods Senator Klamath-Trinity Campus Senator Klamath-Trinity Campus Senator Del Norte Campus Senator
Ishwar沙玛 Stephanie McKindley


Student Club Guide (chartered clubs are bolded)

Club Charter/Re-Charter Form

Eureka Campus (2023/2024)
俱乐部冠军 总统 & 教师Advisor Meeting Days/Times/Location 宪法 租船日期
Asian-Pacific Isl和er Club Catherine Gierek (总统)
艾米丽常 (顾问)
  Asian-Pacific Isl和er Club 宪法 Re-Chartered 9/5/22
俱乐部三 Netanya Arevalo (总统) 加里·朗尼 (顾问)    Club TRiO 宪法  Re-Chartered 10/13/22 
Computer Science Club Gabel亚扪人 (总统) 摩根毕比 (顾问)      Re-Chartered 8/25/22 
制作俱乐部 乔•科布 (总统) 艾米丽常 (顾问)      Re-Chartered 8/18/22 
Entrepreneur Club Ishwar沙玛 (总统) Trevor Hartman 和 Matthew Cendejas (advisors)       

林业 & Natural Resources Club

Lauren Hatfield (总统) 瓦莱丽的 (顾问)      Re-Chartered 9/20/22
Latinx俱乐部 Leslie Benitiz (总统)
Irene Gonzalez-Herrera (顾问)
  Latine Student Union 宪法 Re-Chartered 1/12/23 
Pelican Bay Scholars Educated Radicals Club  Jaime Navarro (总统) 保守党的鹰 (顾问)      Chartered 11/10/22 
Queer Student Union Gabriel Brooks (总统) Michelle Haggerty (顾问) Irene Gonzales (顾问)    Queer Student Union 宪法  Rechartered 1/12/23 
Redwoods 180 Bible Club Teagan Gaither (总统) Theresa Sisson (顾问)    Solid Rock Bible Club 宪法 Rechartered 9/5/22

Redwoods Garden Club 

Michael Duncan (总统) Ashley Knowlton (顾问) 


  Rechartered 9/5/22 

Tales of Xira Club 

罗宾Meif (总统) Kintay Johnson (顾问) 


Tales of Xira Club 宪法 

Chartered 2/7/23 

焊接 & Technology Club 

Jameison Chilton (总统) 杰瑞Goodrow梅林达•培根凯尔这部 (顾问) 



Chartered 9/1/22 

Del Norte Campus


* * * *的警告

学生俱乐部 & Organizations that wish to be recognized by 和 affiliated with the College of the Redwoods must be chartered (registered 和 approved) rechartered annually with the ASCR. For information on club formation, chartering, policies, procedures, please refer to the ASCR参议院 Club Guide.

All student clubs 和 organizations must initiate renewal of their club charters annually; ideally, clubs will address (re)chartering at the beginning of the current Fall term.

ASCR Documents



Dr. 水晶莫尔斯


 Student Lounge, LRC 104

  2023 College of the Redwoods